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Facebook accounts are suitable for advertising, registered with Denmark ip. | Year 2007 - 2014. 2 Business managers are tied $ 50-250 (BM 18 months), there is a Marketplace and a Fan Page has been created. Gender is different. Mail from the service @mail.ru . Included cookies.

2 pcs. Price per 1pcs 50.00 $.


    • » Facebook accounts are registered automatically.
    • » Registered with Denmark IP. 
    • » Suitable for advertising.
    • » In the payment settings, the currency corresponds to the country of registration. 
    • » 2 Business Managers are attached (18 months of stay). BM limits can be different as $ 50 or $ 250 
    • In most Bm, the limit is 250$ at once
    • If you create an advertising campaign and there will be a limit of $ 50, then after 2-3 days of lying down, in most cases, the limit will be $ 250.
    • If you delete the administrator for whom the BM was created, the limit will be reduced to $ 50.
    • » The Marketplace has been activated and a Fan Page has been created.
    • » The date of registration of accounts is 2007 - 2014. The registration date can be found in the profile in the account.
    • » Included is mail from the service @mail.ru
    • »  The set includes cookies in Json format.
    • » The full name of the account can be anything; differ from the country of registration.
    • » Account profiles can be either empty or with already added records, photos and other information.
    • »Gender (Mix) Can be either male or female.
    • Click here to find out the format of the issued accounts.


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