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A step by step guide to using Facebook Business Manager

Today I will tell you how to launch with Facebook Business Managers, which you can buy almost at every corner. With Facebook Business Manager, you can run ads in any vertical.

1. What is Facebook Business Manager
2. The right Bmw purchase
3. Step-By-Step Instructions

First you need to figure out what a Business Manager is and what varieties there are.

What is Facebook Business Manager


Facebook Facebook Business Manager (Business Manager, hereinafter BM) - is an official tool in Facebook that allows you to manage all your fan pages, advertising accounts, employees and even fake profiles from a single place (Facebook diplomatically calls them "shared logins").

They are divided into three groups:

1. A BM with a limit of $ 50 means that the maximum daily budget that you can spend on advertising is $ 50 and it does not have the ability to create 4 more advertising cabinets in it, past the main one.

2. BM with a limit of $ 250 - this means that the maximum daily budget that you can spend on advertising is $ 250, the main advantage of this is the ability to create 4 more advertising cabinets with the same limit of $ 250.

3. Verified BM means that the maximum daily budget that you can spend on advertising is unlimited, the main distinguishing feature of these BM is the ability to create 80 advertising cabinets.

Basically, most people work with $ 250 BMA, since the price is justified, you can create 4 more advertising cabinets from the same BMA, the 250 limit on each is enough with your head. So let's get down to a visual, step-by-step guide on how to work with these algorithms.


The right purchase of BMS

In our trusted store with BMS (here: https://buyaccounts-market.com), select the desired one, ideally you should get:

BMa ID (you don't always get it and you need it in fact only to check the BMa)
The first link is an invitation to the BM
The second link is an invitation to the BM (it will be a backup, sometimes they sell without a second link, if the store is verified, then this is normal)
Attention!!! After buying and accepting the invitation, BE sure to delete the first admin, if this does not work, contact the seller and ask to leave the BMA. Learn more about deleting in step #7.


Step-by-Step Instructions

1. After you have received the link, go to your account to which you want to link the BM


2. Insert an invitation link, after which you will see a window in which you will be asked to name your company (call it so that you don't get confused in the BMS later, for your convenience), the window looks like this


3. After you have filled out what you will be called in the BME, the following window will appear to you,

in which you must enter the password from the account to which you are linking the BM




4. After clicking “Continue” You get into the BM settings and now you need to get into the "Company Settings”





5. You are in the "Company Settings”, now you need to add yourself to the management of the advertising cabinet, to do this, click "Add objects”,

select your BM and give it all possible access, with sliders




6. Now you have the opportunity to manage the advertising cabinet of the company should look like on the slide, only the name is already individual

7. After you have added yourself, you need to remove the second administrator from the BMA, in order to protect yourself from the fact that the BM will be stolen from you or someone will have access to it,

to do this, select administrators unknown to you, in my case, this is "Melike Duygulu”, click on it, then in the upper right corner — click "Delete”





8. And so, you have already deleted the Administrator, now you need to create your own backup link, so that if your account crashes on "razlogin”,

you can link the same BM to another account in the same way, to do this, click on the "Add" button, enter the mail, real or not real, select all the sliders,

click "Show advanced settings” and there also give yourself access with sliders, after which


9. Now your BM is fully ready to work. That's it, you have linked the BM and can run ads on it! I hope this instruction will be useful for both new and experienced arbitrageurs, good luck to everyone!


Or you can buy a ready-made Facebook account with a Business Manager in our store: https://buyaccounts-market.com