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The accounts of the girls or guys on Facebook, where to buy?

Social networks have long ceased to be common tools for transmitting messages and content. Now accounts of the sites "Vkontakte", "Instagram" and "Odnoklassniki" can be used as additional methods of promoting your product or service.

Depending on the type of service being promoted, community administrators try to attract new users by specific parameters.

If there are special programs and services for step-by-step promotion of communities in social networks, then for some purposes you have to use other methods.


For example, if you want to create a mailing list of messages from a specific user whose page corresponds to the advertised product, you have to create new accounts with filtering by gender.

In any case, during the independent promotion of the community, the user may need several active pages of the social network at once, especially if the promotion takes place in Vkontakte.

Let's look at some of the main advantages of ready-made accounts that can be purchased in our account store:

  • Ability to maintain anonymity
  • In case of violations of the rules of "Vkontakte", the community can be frozen along with the page of its administrator, so it will not be superfluous to have several active pages in stock
  • Ready-made accounts can be used to create "activity" on the page of the promoted group or community.

Important! All Vkontakte accounts presented on the main page of our store are obtained legally, so you will not have any problems during their operation.

As already noted, Vkontakte pages can be used for both personal and commercial purposes, so the demand for them is quite high.

In our store of accounts, you can buy a VK account registered for both boys and girls, so such accounts can be used for a variety of purposes.

To get acquainted with the entire range of accounts, we recommend visiting the main page of the online store. Here you can also study in detail all the warranty conditions for purchased accounts.


you can buy a vk account with gender filtering either in a single copy or as a whole package.

immediately it is worth noting that before purchasing an account, you need to read the recommendations for its use.

in case of non-compliance with one of the points of the rules, the administration has the right to refuse to issue a refund.

Important! Many users who are engaged in self-promotion of communities may have noticed that you can buy a vk account directly in the communities of this social network.

However, most of these groups are blocked by the VK administration as soon as possible, which makes it impossible to return funds for inactive accounts.

In any case, to purchase pages, you need to use only proven resources, one of which is our service.

To buy VK accounts with gender filtering, go to the main page of our store, then in the search bar "products" specify what type of account you need.

Review the list of offers and proceed to paying for accounts. If you have any questions, please contact customer support.


why do i need accounts with gender filtering?

in the process of reading this article, some visitors to our portal may have a question for what purposes accounts with gender filtering can be used.

If for experienced community administrators the answer to this question has long been known, then for" beginners " in this area, you should give a few explanations:

  1. Accounts with gender filtering allow the user to use all possible methods of promoting the community. For example, if the topic of the group is suitable for girls, advertising of this community will be more effective if women's accounts are used for mailing
  2. In addition to commercial purposes, VK pages are often purchased for personal purposes. A fairly popular way to use a purchased account is to check your other half for " loyalty»
  3. not all users like to "shine" their personal data on social networks, so they use fake pages to log in to them.
  4. Accounts with gender filtering in this case are almost perfect, since most of the accounts presented for sale were registered several years ago, which does not cause suspicion among other users.

Interesting fact. In most cases, when users want to hide their personal data, many of them decide to buy a women's vk account.

How to make money on a girl's Vkontakte account?

Now in the vastness of the network there are a lot of detailed ways to make money through social networks, but the question of how to make money on a girl's account is described quite rarely.

Some of these methods are only relevant for specific page types. In this section, we will consider the question of how to earn a user who decided to buy VKontakte accounts.:

  1. Spam mailing list. as statistics show, the most active users of the social network "vkontakte" are guys, so administrators in order to earn money on the vk account want to attract as many active male subscribers to their group as possible. It is logical that the greatest number of responses of guys can be obtained with the help of advertising mailings from girls
  2. Sale of goods. Many male social media users are engaged in online sales through internal services, while selling women's products.Since a personal meeting with such a type of transaction does not occur, as an online consultant, buyers meet exactly women's VKontakte accounts, which can be purchased in our store.

Masslaying can also be attributed to the method of earning money through women's vk accounts, since in most cases, responses to "like" marks from girls cause users much more interest than "male" likes.

How to make money on a guy's Vkontakte account?

As in the case of girls ' VK accounts, users who decide to buy a men's vk account use similar methods to make a profit.

In general terms, the principles of earning money on the accounts of guys are not much different from women's accounts, but there are still some differences.

Let's list the main ways to earn money for page owners who have "Male" marked in the "Gender" column»:


  • Sales of goods and services through the services of "Vkontakte". Each of the products has its own characteristics, which can be suitable for either girls or guys, so you should use suitable accounts for implementation
  • The provision of online services. Now the network is quite popular services for providing services in the online version, so special "work" (or "corporate") accounts are used to communicate with customers.


For example, when dealing with legal advice, it is recommended to use prepared pages to communicate with clients, because before applying for help, people study the page in detail.
In any case, social media accounts are constantly blocked by the administration of communities and groups for various violations, so some users specifically purchase ready-made pages as "spare".

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