The accounts "Vkontakte" with the binning

The Vkontakte social network was originally used for messaging with friends, colleagues, finding new friends, listening to music, and so on. over time, the audience of this site has reached such a large scale that it has become profitable to place ads on this site, as well as earn money using various mailing lists, leading groups, and so on. At first glance, all VK accounts are of the same type, but for a person doing business in this social network, they are divided into assets, non-assets, retrieves, fake, and so on. In this article, we will talk about one of the most stable types of accounts – an account with a lie-down.


From a real user. This account is a profile that was registered by a real person. He kept this page for a while, performed various actions on it, joined groups, added friends and added friends. Subsequently, the person abandoned this page, forgot or could not restore the password. This page is hacked over time, the password changes, the necessary numbers are linked, and then you can safely work with it. For the system, it is not suspicious, because it is present on the site for a certain period of time.

With an excerpt after registration. VKontakte sets a limit on registering a large number of users from a single IP address. In this case, the solution is to buy an account with an excerpt. This type of account is registered by a certain number and waits for it to be purchased. Using this type of account also reduces the risk of various checks and blockages, since all subsequent changes will occur after a certain period of time after registration.


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