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How to create a new Google account.

A large number of Android smartphone users can't imagine their life without using various applications. To download them, you need to create a Google account. In addition, this registration allows you to sync your personal data on other Android-based gadgets. Working in the popular Chrome browser becomes much more convenient if the user has registered in the Google network and created an account. It also allows you to sync all passwords, bookmarks, and individual settings with other devices that interact with this browser.

Creating a google account

To create a new Google account, go to the page https://accounts.google.com/signup. On it, you need to enter the standard data: first name, last name, user name (the beginning of the name of your new mailbox) and password. When creating an account in Google, the user is automatically issued a Gmail mailbox. Next, you need to confirm your registration using the code that came to the newly created e-mail address, as well as link your real phone number to your google account. You can't complete registration without confirming your phone number via SMS. In General, creating an account in Google is standard and simple. This is a convenient, modern and developing service, but it is also important to remember about data security, use complex passwords and periodically change them.

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