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Upgraded Vkontakte accounts with subscribers

Vkontakte is a very popular social network.

Almost 80% of the population has a profile on this social network.

Therefore, to reject the fact that the promotion in VKontakte will not increase profits - just stupid.

Promoted Vkontakte accounts are most convenient to continue to promote. In total, you can select several options, for which you may need a promoted Vkontakte profile

In this article, we will tell you where you can buy already promoted (pumped) accounts from Vkontakte, and how they are better than regular accounts.


We sell both groups and profiles already promoted in Vkontakte. The cost of an account or group usually depends only on the number of followers/friends in the account.

Here are a few reasons why accounts are better than groups:

  1. Promoted account (profile) - convenient for doing business online, allows you to add friends to potential customers. it is not subject to the risk of writing off friends (this does not happen in principle). The account is almost never blocked, if you do not break the rules too much.
  2. promoted group-suitable for running a business or linking a group to your site, the most convenient to manage. However, it is subject to the risk of blocking and debiting subscribers from it.

that's right, working exclusively with profiles can be profitable. they are less exposed to the risk of blocking, and it is much easier to promote such accounts. To find potential customers (buyers), simply add them to your friends.

You just add your account there, specify the search criteria for Friends and it is added to them as friends. Any adequate person when adding to his friends will consider the questionnaire, and may be interested. Even if he does not add you as a friend, he will leave you as a follower.

Promoted Vkontakte accounts are more stable than fresh accounts and attempts to promote them.

they have been maintained for a sufficient amount of time and have shown their stability, especially since they already have friends who can become your customers.

Despite the limit of 40 people / day for the account, it is still very productive. moreover, there is a specialized software that will be added to all your friends for you.

In the case of promotion of Vkontakte groups , you will need to order promotion on the side, because it is much more difficult to attract people to the group.

convenience of the group is a convenient functionality for placing information about the product, your contacts, photos and more. adding product information to the wall, it is immediately visible to all members of the community. In the case of a profile , there is no such thing.

Of course, the choice of the type of account to work with is up to you.

Personally, we recommend - profiles, since in their case, if used correctly, the life of the account is simply unlimited, you can create several pages with a product offer and put on the stream adding to friends, the profit will not take long to wait.

The most popular products for Vkontakte

  • Watches, watch bands
  • Cosmetics sets
  • Various creams to increase everything in a row
  • Seasonal offers for the holidays

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