Business account in Facebook

The Facebook platform is one of the world's first social networks. Currently, its international audience reaches 2 billion people. Initially, this site was used for communication, finding new friends, distant relatives, and colleagues. In the modern world, this platform is actively used to promote business/personal brand/services on the Internet. To place ads, Facebook offers its users a special advertising account (Ads Manager), where you can set up a targeted audience, specify its location, demographic data, interests, and so on.

What you need to create a business account in Facebook

In order to start using the advertising features of Facebook, you need to register an account in This social network. Then you need to create a business page in your profile settings. This can be a brand or company, a community, or a public page. Depending on the selected type, the user can see different functionality of the service. Then the business profile is filled with various information. As a rule, this includes information about an organization, product, or person, as well as contact information and all the necessary information for subscribers and potential customers.

How to use a business account

After creating a business page on Facebook, you can start promoting it on this social network. Facebook platform services offer a variety of tools for account development. These include special advertising campaigns to attract subscribers, and publications to increase audience engagement, get leads, and so on. Depending on the promotion tasks, the user can choose various settings that will help them reach their assigned goal.

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