• We can accept the following types of cryptocurrencies directly: Tether USDT TRON TRC20 and Tether USDT ERC-20 

Shop rules

Terms of Service for Selling Accounts and Redirects

1. Comments and claims regarding the quality of the provided accounts and redirects are accepted within 24 hours from the date of purchase. It is recommended to use accounts immediately to avoid blocking them for inactivity. For the same reason, you should not purchase accounts "for the future." After 24 hours, claims will not be accepted and you will not be able to request a refund.
2. Warranty 24 hours is not valid if they are used without the use of a proxy server. You can do this solely on your own responsibility, since refusing a proxy server increases the chance of blocking an account due to logging out from the same IP address under different logins. Using a proxy allows you to emulate sessions from different network addresses and not compromise purchased accounts.
3. If, while observing the previous points in the purchased batch of profiles, you find an invalid (inactive, blocked) account, immediately (as soon as possible) contact the store administration. To do this, you need to create an appropriate request (ticket). For each non-working account, you will either receive a refund or other accounts.

Work rules

1. The store guarantees:
⦁ A response from the technical support service no later than 12 hours after the request was submitted;
⦁ Validity of accounts within 24 hours from the date of purchase, provided that the described rules are followed and the warranty remains valid. This means that the warranty must not be canceled.
⦁ That you are the only buyer of the purchased accounts - “one-hand sale”;
⦁ Free exchange of non-working accounts if they were sold already in an invalid state - deleted, blocked, with inappropriate login information. This clause is only valid if the warranty is active (not canceled);
2. When using accounts purchased in the store, it is strictly prohibited:
⦁ Log in to your account using any VPN services (without exception);
⦁ Log in to your account through the device emulator or virtual machine, VPS, VDS servers;
⦁ Use IPv6 proxies, shared proxies, public proxies when logging into an account;
⦁ Log in to 2 or more different accounts from the same proxy server and device;
⦁ Use automatic services, programs, scripts, etc. when working in accounts.

3. The administration of the store and its employees buyaccounts-market.com are not responsible for the possible risks, as well as damage that the buyer may incur due to the use and (or) blocking of accounts. The buyaccounts-market.com service is an intermediary platform between account sellers and buyers. Buyers are responsible for using accounts for any illegal activity. The buyaccounts-market.com service does not approve of the sending of spam (i.e. commercial e-mail campaigns conducted without the prior consent of the recipients), and the commission of any fraudulent activities using the accounts.