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277 pcs. Price per 1pcs 0.30 $.


New Google, Gmail accounts. Registered on PC device. 

The country of registration of the account is the USA.

3-10 days after registration! 

Names and surnames in English. The interface is in English. 

The gender of the account can be both male and female. Accounts have additional mail. 

Google accounts can be used in all its services, for example - for advertising adwords, Google play, blogs, and so on.

- Format account: login: password: additional mail

Accounts from suppliers, after purchase you must change your password, according to the rules of the store. There is no need to write to us after a week, a month, a year that someone enters your purchased accounts or passwords are changed, claims will not be accepted. After the purchase, these are your accounts and what to do with them next is up to you!

Google profiles are sold clean, never used before. If any are identified by you, please contact the store's contacts, reporting the problem to resolve the issue. Gmail accounts can be used in all Google services up to the limits provided by the service itself. For example, Google accounts can be used in Gmail, YouTube, service blogs, Google advoards, and so on. After registration, the accounts have a rest period of three or more days, this is done in order to weed out banned accounts that may appear in the first three days after registration. Google accounts are checked several times for validity by login without logging in, so as not to inherit several times with their logins in accounts. We also inform you that on accounts with a lot of experience, about three, four weeks after registration or more, it will be impossible to change passwords, additional mail without SMS activation, remember this, this innovation has been introduced by Google for a long time, just some still don't know about it, we think, that even many.

Registration of Google accounts took place on IP MIX. When logging in, alternately to each account, log in from a new and clean browser, otherwise in other cases there is a chance that you will not be able to log in to your account, as you will ask for SMS or other problems with logging in. When logging into an account with the IP of other countries, there is a risk of getting an account blocked or an SMS request, so complaints and claims in these cases will not be accepted. The main thing in this case is that the IP is not in Google spam. When working with accounts, it is highly discouraged to use cheap, free proxy services, as well as VPN, various browser extensions and similar tools for them, as this will give a huge probability of freezing or blocking the account, both during authorization and in further work with it. During the first authorization, Google may request additional information, data that is in the format of accounts.

If you have any other questions, please contact our store's contacts https://buyaccounts-market.com/en