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Old Gmail accounts. Year of registration - 2014-16, United Kingdom. Created by hand through the browser. Suitable for Adwords ads. A Youtube channel has been created. Included extra. mail from the mail.ru service. The gender of the account is male and female.

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The accounts are clean, created in 2014-16 through the United Kingdom proxy.

Accounts are created manually through a regular browser. There is a first welcome email from Google. The YouTube channel was created in the same year that the Google account was created in 2014-16, depending on which account you get.

Some accounts may have a YouTube avatar, wallpaper or no avatar and wallpaper loaded.

An account is better suited for adwords advertising from the country in which it was created, since the currency matches exactly the country where it was created.

We are Russian-speaking creators, when creating a Google account, we set the language to Russian, so you can see a welcome letter in Russian - this is normal!

When you first log into your account, the account will ask for a phone, this is normal, because due to the account being inactive for a long time, Google will ask for a phone.

Therefore, you can easily link your phone number if you live in the country where your Google account was created.

The gender of the account can be both male and female, names and surnames can also be in both English and Russian.

Google accounts can be used in all its services, for example: for adwords advertising, google play, blogs and so on.

- Format account: Link to the created account on youtube: login: password: additional mail: password from additional mail

ATTENTION!!! Please read the following before purchasing an account:

1) Google accounts may not be allowed in the first time after receiving the SMS code! There may be such types of errors "Device not recognized", "Try logging in later"

Complaints will not be accepted for such accounts, no replacements or refunds will be given, keep this in mind! If you bought an account, then you have accepted our rules!

You just have to log in from the same device several times at different times and after that you will be let into your account. But most Google accounts accept the SMS code the first time without any problems, for this, use the phone number from the country where it was created and good proxies on which you are sitting or 4G-5G mobile proxies.

2) About how to create Adwords ads or how to work with Adwords ads - We only sell accounts and unfortunately we can't give you any advice. You must test yourself!

3) You do not need to immediately buy several or dozens of accounts, buy 1 account and check, and if the account suits your needs, then you can take as much as you like.