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Google accounts with activated Google Voice in 2024. Gmail was created in 2024 through the USA proxy.

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Google accounts with activated Google Voice in 2024. Gmail was created in 2024 through the USA proxy. 

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Google Voice is a telephone service that provides an American phone number to users of a Google account in the United States and Google Workspace (G Suite by October 2020) in Canada, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the contiguous United States.

It is used for call forwarding and voicemail services, voice and text messages, as well as for calls to the United States and international calls. Calls are redirected to a phone number that each user must set up in the account's web portal.

Users can answer and receive calls on any of the phones configured for calls on the web portal. When answering a call, the user can switch between the configured phones.

Subscribers in the United States can make outgoing calls to domestic and international destinations.

The service is configured and supported by users in a web application similar in style to the Google Gmail mail service, or Android and iOS applications on smartphones or tablets.

As a trusted Google Voice seller, we provide first-class, fully verified accounts tailored to meet your diverse communication needs.

Use a convenient virtual phone number for calls, text messages and voicemail, managed using Google Voice.

Whether you are an enterprise looking for a reliable phone solution or an individual seeking privacy and flexibility, our accounts are the key to effective and secure communication.

- Format accountlogin: password:additional email (without password):The phone number that is linked to Google Voice

Attention!!! Please read the following before buying an account: 

If you have made any changes to your account, then complaints about such accounts will not be accepted, neither replacements nor refunds!

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You do not need to buy several or dozens of accounts at once, buy 1 account and check, and if the account fits your tasks, then you can take as much as you want.