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Twitter accounts 2013 year. Confirmed native hotmail, with the mail itself asking for a phone number.

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 Account Information!

  • Twitter Accounts 2013 year
  • Country of account registration - Different countries
  • The Twitter account is tied to the Hotmail's native mail. Mail asks for a phone number the first time you log in, so you must link your phone number yourself.
  • The account is very resistant to the ban.
  • Account profiles can be either empty with photos or without a photo, or with already added entries, for example: with uploaded photos, tweets, retweets, likes, comments.
  • Phone is not connected (without PVA)
  • Gender can be both male and female
  • Friends on the account can be from 0 to 100 and above.
  • Names on accounts can be both in Latin and Cyrillic

Format account: login:password:hotmail:password from hotmail.

Buying Old Twitter Accounts

The service, with the funny name Twitter, launched in 2006. The concept of the site was to exchange users with short messages - tweets. The length of one message is limited to 140 characters. This format of messages was liked by users, and the service quickly became popular around the globe.

Today, Twitter is not only a platform for sharing fun tweets from your life. The site is a powerful and completely free tool for promotion on the Internet. It will be of interest to both public figures and entrepreneurs.

Twitter fast promotion

One of the indicators of the effectiveness of a personal page is the number of subscribers. The more people read your Twitter and the more they retweet your posts, the more popular your account becomes. When registering a new profile, users are faced with the problem of slow growth of subscribers. You can solve it by buying an old Twitter account.

A profile with a loyal audience is much easier to promote on the web. At the same time, it doesn’t matter at all what you do - sell services, do handmade things to order or keep a travel blog. An old account with a large number of readers simply cannot go unnoticed.  

Buying an old account

The site has an extensive database of Twitter accounts with live subscribers. The cost of one profile is formed depending on how long it exists, what content it offers and how many active followers it has. In the catalog you choose the page that suits you best.

We do not recommend buying social media accounts from hand: the risk of fraud is too high. With us you can be sure of the reliability of the transaction. In the store of online accounts, you get an active and promoted Twitter page that matches your preferences. You can only find so many cheap profiles in one place here.

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